Our Partners

List of Active MoUs’ Country wise Country Name Flag Name of the Partner Link MoU content
1 Australia Australia Flag Curtin University IITH-CU MOU
2 Swinburne University of Technology IITH-SUT JDP MoU
3 France France The University of Lorraine IITH-UOL MOU
4 Germany Germany University of Applied Sciences, CSE Department IITH-UAS,CSE MOU
5 South Korea South Korea Jeju Technopark, Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hyderabad IITH-HCG Korea MOU
6 Pharm CADD Co. Ltd, Busan IITH-PCADD MOU
7 Woosong University IITH-WU MOU
8 Taiwan Taiwan National Changhua University of Education IITH-NCU MOU
9 Kaohsiung Medical University IITH-KMU MOU
10 YUAN ZE University IITH-YZU MOU
11 United Kingdom UK flag School of Engineering, The University of Lincoln IITH-UL MOU
12 United States of America USA flag University of Washington IITH-UW MOU
13 University of Pittsburgh IITH-UP MOU
14 Hewlett & Packard, Austin
15 Japan Japan flag Osaka University (Student and faculty exchange program and Joint Research) IITH-OU MOU
16 Osaka University (Research Collaboration) IITH-OU RC MOU
17 Enrission Corporation Limited (Shiru Cafe) IITH-EC MOU
18 University of Tokyo IITH-UT MOU
19 Shizuoka University (Student Exchange) IITH-SU (SE) MOU
20 Shizuoka University (Academic Exchange) IITH-SU (AE) MOU
21 OMRON Corporation, Ritsumeikan University IITH-OMRON RU MOU
22 Chaintope Inc. IITH-CI MOU
23 Hokkaido University (Students Exchange) IITH-HU (SE) MOU
24 CREHIM - Osaka Universsity (Internship) IITH - CREHIM (OU) MOU
25 Ritsumeikan University (Internship) IITH-RU (Internship) MOU
26 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology IITH-NIAST MOU
27 Nihon University IITH-NU MOU
28 Toshiba Memory Corporation IITH-TMC MOU
29 Suzuki Motor Corporation IITH-SMC MOU
31 Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Research Division, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience IITH-EDMRD, NRIED MOU
32 Saitama University IITH-SU MOU
33 National Institute for Materials Science IITH-NIMS MOU
34 New Frontier Capital Management IITH-NFCM MOU
36 Seoul National University IITH-SNU MOU
37 Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
38 I'm beside you Inc IITH-IBY MOU